Racing and Flight Simulators

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Not all Racing and Flight Simulators are the same!

When it comes to Racing and Flight Simulators, there are players and impostors.  A couple of questions you need to consider when researching a potential purchase in the area of racing and flight simulators are as follows:

question-mark25APEX3_Motion_Racing_Simulator_2013_6Are you looking for true vehicle dynamics?

question-mark25What is your budget for a complete motion simulation experience?


question-mark25Will you eventually want something that has real, true to life, motion for your experience?


question-mark25Do you want to waste money on something static that will never be able to be added on to, in the event you want to upgrade to full motion?


Since Racing and Flight Simulators are not all built equally, we’re putting our money where our mouth is.  SimCraft and have the most advanced motion technology in the business, and better yet, it’s affordable!

Don’t get caught purchasing a Static Cockpit that isn’t upgradeable, or a “Seat Mover” that doesn’t simulate a real life scenario. Seats in Racing and Flight Simulators SHOULDN’T move.

Does your seat move in real life, or does the entire vehicle / plane move?

Whether your goal is to build a full motion flight simulation cockpit with all SIX Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) or find plans to build a FULL MOTION racing simulation cockpit with anywhere from ONE Degree of Freedom all the way up to SIX, we have the products, plans, and resources to help you make it happen.

We currently integrate with over 60 software titles to give you the experience you’re dreaming of.  Here’s what you get when you work with us!

DIYSim Experience

green_checkmarkProper chassis and suspension dynamics moving around the center of mass, giving the driver a sense of Weight transfer and the ability to feel the limit of tire adhesion – enabling proper vehicle feedback and precise car control!

green_checkmarkIndependent axis control on up to 5 degrees of freedom, including roll, pitch, yaw, surge, and sway.

green_checkmarkLarge ranges of motion when needed, like the roll motion of the high banking at Daytona or Talladega.

green_checkmarkActive visuals that maintain the relationship between driver and windshield.



green_checkmarkFull cockpit motion and is NOT a seat mover. Everything in the cockpit stays in the same location relative to the driver as the simulator moves just as it is in an actual car.

green_checkmarkA sense of terrain orientation dynamics for uphills/downhills, large banking and suspension compression feel.

green_checkmarkYaw, simulating understeer (loss of front grip) and oversteer (loss of rear grip).  The perfect tool for learning car control.

green_checkmarkA True, Real Life, Simulation Experience!


No Idea

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We’re very confident that you’ll love our motion technology – so confident, we’d love to give you a FREE COPY of the 2DOF Cockpit and Motion System Assembly Manual to build a complete motion rig, ideal for both racing and flight simulators. YES, FOR FREE!
Simply fill out the form below and we’ll email it to you directly, along with a coupon code for a discount.

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