SMT3 Advanced – High Force 3 Degrees of Freedom (Roll, Pitch, AND Yaw)

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The SMT3 advanced is a 3 degree of freedom SimCraft motion subsystem with roll, pitch, and yaw capability. You build the chassis to complete the system.

Included is three advanced actuators, electronics box with controllers, power and USB communications pre-wired and configured.  Also included are 5 frictionless rotary bearings and 1 large yaw bearing for the yaw axis.  Six chassis mounts for the actuators are included as well.  The actuators are modified and fit with an inline mount and rod ends.  SimCraft’s industry leading integration software, including the feature packed SimCraft Control Panel is included, with access to all future PC and Console (Playstation/XBox) based integrations.

Lifetime support is also included, including phone support and remote sessions.

A 3 year actuator replacement warranty is included.

Access to digital chassis plans is included.





Suitable for Racing and Flight Simulation

Three advanced, closed loop, SimCraft built, actuators and controllers are included with this system.  This is a 3DOF System which can be upgraded in the future with additional degrees of freedom.

Roll, Pitch, and Yaw

Stroke length options:

Standard Length………….8″ | 200mm

  • Roll 40 degrees       (+/- 20)
  • Pitch 20 degrees       (+/- 10)
  • Yaw 40 degrees       (+/- 20)

Extended Length………….12″ | 300mm

  • Roll 60 degrees       (+/- 30)
  • Pitch 30 degrees       (+/- 15)
  • Yaw 60 degrees       (+/- 30) 

Max Force………………350lb | 160kg
Max Rotational Speed……….240 deg/s
Max Linear Speed……………..16″/s | 400mm/s
Max Payload……………1000lb | 450kg

Axis Alignment: Mutually Perpendicular
Synchronization: Simultaneous and Independent Axis Control
Position Resolution: .0005 deg  (Accuracy)
Repeatability: .001 deg | 0.000017 rad
Interpretive Interval: < 1ms  (Latency)


Additional information

Weight 110 lbs
Actuator Stroke Length


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