CHASSIS PLANS: VERTEX2 – 2DOF Motion Simulator Bill of Materials / Assembly Instructions (80/20) (PDF DOWNLOAD)

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This Downloadable PDF includes the Bill of Materials and the detailed Assembly manual for the Vertex2GT 2DOF Motion Simulator. You can take these plans to any 80/20 distributor, and they can fulfill your order based on these schematics.

Once your build is complete, just add actuators, monitors, controls, the seat of your choice, and you’re on your way to a great flight and racing motion experience.



Here's an excerpt from the file to display the step by step details on the build process:

Instructions Excerpt



The VERTEX2 GT simulator from SimCraft is designed for enthusiasts that want the full motion experience, without the high end full motion pricing.  This full motion rig is a bolt together chassis that requires assembly and is suited for SimRacing.  It is the first of it’s kind 2DOF motion system with roll (banking) and pitch (Acceleration and Braking).  The cockpit is designed for GT or Stockcar seating position.  Assembly time will vary based on your ability to follow directions, and component integration is wide open.

Top hinge, bottom hinge pedals, wheels, shifters, whatever your current rig has can be moved to this one.  Max Capacity for monitors on this unit is (3) 24″ monitors.

Please Note: This video shows the end result of the complete build of the Vertex2GT, but also shows actuators, monitors, wheel, pedals, shifter, and seat. THIS IS A DOWNLOADABLE PDF ONLY. YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE BUILD MATERIALS AND CONTROLS, ETC. SEPARATELY

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