Starting a Sim Rig

There are a lot of items that are needed to get your Simulation Rig up and running.  The question is…where can I find all the information about what I need?

RIGHT HERE: / SimCraft founder and Chief Technology Officer, Sean MacDonald gets you prepared with everything you need to know.

Topics Covered:  (Audio File to Right)Sim Consulting - Racing Simulator

  • Your System and Software (Listen)
  • Audio / Visual (Listen)
  • Controls (Listen)
  • Cockpit / Chassis (Listen)
  • Minimum Buy In (Listen)
  • Why SimCraft Motion – Comparison between real motion and seat moving (Listen)

Do you need additional assistance in this arena?

Utilize our Sim Consulting Services and get all your answers, including documentation for everything you need, where to purchase, and how to save as much money and time as possible by doing so.  Our experts are willing to assist you through the process!

Purchase Sim Consulting Here


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