Since 1998, SimCraft has been innovating in advanced motion simulation and working toward two main goals:

1)  Make it amazing   |   2)  Make it attainable

DIYSim.com is the next evolution of these efforts establishing the sole marketplace for the result of these two pursuits.  It combines enthusiasts and DIY types with the most versatile and technically accurate motion simulation technology ever created: SimCraft.

SimCraft creates user-in-the-loop motion simulators with a motion technology that is unique to SimCraft and the only one which accurately recreates vehicle dynamics on the ground or in the sky.   SimCraft simulator systems enable drivers and pilots to develop and enhance their skills, efficiently and effectively any day, all day.

Whether your goal is to build a full motion flight simulation cockpit with all SIX Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) or find plans to build a FULL MOTION racing simulation cockpit in *upgrade steps* from ONE Degree of Freedom all the way up to SIX, we have the products, plans, and resources to help you make it happen.  Motion interfaces are available with dozens of commercially available PC based racing and flight titles, as well as for Gran Turismo 6 and the Playstation 3.

Start creating your very own SimCraft today.  You have no idea how great your simulation can be!


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