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We’ve been teaching people how to build motion simulators for over 15 years.  Ours was the original DIY Motion Simulator!

We’re not one of those “simulation” companies that take your money and don’t give you what you need in support when things don’t go as planned. Our customers are our community, and we pride ourselves in giving our community everything they need in order to make their experience a great one – one that is easily recommended to others.

Not only do you get a better product, but you get great service, too. Our customers are our product ambassadors, why not take care of our own?

Whether your goal is to build a full motion flight simulation cockpit with all SIX Degrees of Freedom (6DOF) or find plans to build a FULL MOTION racing simulation cockpit with anywhere from ONE Degree of Freedom all the way up to SIX, we have the products, plans, and resources to help you make it happen.

Our DIYSim.com brand is backed by one of the most innovative Sim building organizations in the world. SimCraft creates driver, in the loop, simulators with proper kinetics and vehicle dynamics for motion simulation, a technology that is unique to SimCraft and which accurately recreates high speed vehicle dynamics. SimCraft simulator systems enable drivers to develop and enhance their car control skills, efficiently and effectively, any track, any car, any day, all day.

Racing and Flight Simulator Cockpits come in all shapes and sizes, but not all motion simulation technology is built the same.  If you have a custom design or want something off the shelf, DIYSim.com has it all.  Our racing and flight sim design and engineering experts can build anything you desire.

From Components, to Custom Designs, to Plug and Play Solutions, we have it all.  – Please start and finish your Sim Building experiences with us!

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Isn’t it time you start creating your very own SimCraft?  You have no idea how great your simulation can be!




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